KTS Devon - Summer DIY

5 DIY tasks to complete this Summer

As the weather begins to heat up, it is inevitable that you’ll feel yourself drawn towards the garden shed seeking out DIY tasks to complete. The hot weather has always had an alluring draw and encourages us to improve the aesthetical appearance of our homes. From the outside in, small changes can make a massive […]

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Exterior Home Improvements

Which Exterior Improvements Should You Make to Increase Your Homes Value?

When it comes to our homes, much of our attention and budget is usually directed inside as spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom and lounge. This is understandable because those are the bits we most commonly see and use, so it’s natural to want to keep them modern, comfortable and up-to-date. However, the outside of […]

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Newsletter issue 531a

Painting Goodrington Sea Wall

One of our Associate Members KTS Decorators helped out in the community by painting Goodrington Sea Wall, please see below pictures and the thanks they received from the organizers: All done looking AMAZING Goodrington Seawall Big community THANKYOU to KTS Painting and Decorating for providing ALL THEIR LARBOUR FREE OF CHARGE OVER THE PAST 3.5 […]

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Make your staff more productive

Can the Colour of Your Office Make Your Staff More Productive?

When it comes to colour, everyone has a horror story about working in grey, depressing work environments. A total absence of colour makes a space feel inert, sluggish and doesn’t do anything to fire productivity or creativity. But the colour of an office is not just about brightening things up. We humans are highly attuned […]

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Exterior improvements on a property.

Which Exterior Improvements Should You Make to Your Property?

When thinking about exterior improvements for your home, there’s more than one thing to consider. Yes, it is important to make your home look and feel the way you want it to, but exterior improvements can also add to the value of your home. There are a number of changes and additions you can make […]

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range of pantone colours

The science behind colours

Colour symbolism and meaning has been developed over thousands of years. Certain colours are often used to depict certain emotions, but the meaning behind each shade is rarely universal as each culture adds its own connotations to a particular tone. Read on to find out what your favourite colour really means as we unveil the […]

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Introducing the Pantone colour of the year

Every year, the Pantone Colour Institute names a colour of the year. This is the shade that is the hot pick for interiors and brands, critical to the design world and intended as a reflection of what’s trending and set to trend in the months ahead. Recent colours of the year have included an earthy, […]

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New Website

Here at KTS Painting & Decorating, We’ve been plying our trade for decades and we have a great team to look after you. KTS is a family run business and believe whether your dealing with any member of staff they will give you the best advice possible. Whether its your home, office, new build, or […]

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